Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Musicians on Call Auction raises $$$ in 2nd Annual Event

From Roger Friedman at Foxnews.com
- At the 2nd annual Musicians on Call Concert and Auction- 2 out of town couples bid fast and furiously but only one won the winning bid of $14, 500 for the opportunity to be in a Maroon 5 recording session.
The losing couple (on the Maroon 5 auction)- wound up with a winning bid $15,000 to do the same thing with Rob Thomas.
A third couple, from New York, plunked down another $15,000 for an autographed Bruce Springsteen electric guitar, a signed reissued 1952 Telecaster.

The event, at Sothebys , raised money for the charity which sends musicians to the bedsides of the very ill, incapacitated or those being treated for serious diseases.

The group has also created 88 CD pharmacies in the tri-state areas, sending out music libraries and disc players to be used by patients.


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