Saturday, May 13, 2006

Solicitation Results

Since I am the silent auction chairperson for Cabrito Foundation- I found myself sending out many requests to my colleagues for silent auction, raffle prizes and live auction prizes. It is truly amazing to me the openess of many corporations in providing goods for us to use.

On the other hand- we got a sorry, we can't help you out- as we don't want to set a precedent from a billion dollar consumer oriented service company. I shook my head on that one, as I had never heard that excuse, and quite frankly for a second was taken aback.

For the record- we received gift baskets, DVD sets, and other items to benefit the Men of Cabrito House in Canoga Park.

I want to throw this question out there for readers. As chairperson of the silent auction- we are setting minimum bids on specific items. If the item gets no bid- should we lower the starting bid? or should we put the item up on eBay, and give the proceeds to Cabrito Foundation. If you were attending the event- would you feel offended? Let me know as it will help with my decision.

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