Saturday, May 27, 2006

We had an email from from Dixie Warner who wants to create a Doctor and Nurse Auction, but is perplexed on what to offer? A day of care? Lunch? 4 hours worth of service? What she wants, is to offer the services of these medical professionals to the community via an auction.

My suggestions Dixie is first to see how many professionals will participate. Then find out what they are willing to provide? Treatments? Consultations? A Home cooked meal? A round of Golf? A day at the office? The use of them is endless, when you really think about it. You could tie it in with the drug companies as well- and we all know how much they support the professionals! You can have fun with this type of auction if you think creatively, beyond the typical- a free office visit, a consultation etc. How many of the community would bid on a round of Golf with a Dr.? Think of the conversations during this type of offering? If the Dr. or Nurse has a hobby- why not tie that in as well.

Any other readers who wish to contribute- feel free.

Good Luck Dixie- and let us know how it goes.


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