Saturday, September 02, 2006

Online Auctions increase value of Celebrity Auctions for Fundraisers!!!!

A September 3 story from the NY Times Web site bears reading by all fundraisers-

The story deals with the increase in value and final bids for celebrity auction items when charities when they use online auctions to "exploit" their items and events.

I would expect that you may see fundraisers going to a two tier system for celebrity items- the first tier will be celebrity items that can be bid on at a "brick and mortar"(for lack of a better term) event. The second tier will be celebrity items up for auction in a virtual world.

From experience I have found that local fundraising event patrons want items, 50/50 raffles etc- where you need to be present to win. This is in addition to community or virtual participation where you need not be present to win.

Remember to watch the Labor Day Telethon with Jerry Lewis.... a tradition in our home for over 35 years.


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