Monday, July 03, 2006

Newsweeks - 15 People who Make America Great Highlight Target Corp.

May I take a moment to reflect on Newsweeks Current issue.....I am not a man to cry in public- but as I was reading this issue- while bicycling at the 24 hour fitness on Sunday- the tears flowed - as I was enthralled by the Cover Story, 15 People who make America Great to the point of tears.....reading about all the giving that goes so unnoticed day after day, week after week by so many in this world.

I must single out Target Corporation for their work with local, national and international causes- They are there in a time of need- and quite frankly, reading about how they handle themselves- makes me want to support them more than ever. But giving starts at the grass roots level. When I was a kid, I went around on Halloween at President Gardens in Kansas City, MO with my Orange UNICEF Can asking for change- not understanding fully the lesson my mom wanted to teach me of helping needy children.

To all the givers out there thank you....and to Annie- thanks for creating this web site. Knowing you...and to the masses that visit the site on a weekly basis- thank-you too....the best is yet to come..

Have a great Independence Day

Link to Newsweek article


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