Saturday, June 10, 2006

While working out today- (Yes -I go to the gym for cardiac workouts) I came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition about local schools auctioning off summer internships with major corporations at school auctions. That's correct! Parents are investing thousands for their kid to work for little or nothing at companies like Nuveen Investment, Morgan Stanley, NBC, Miramax and others (to get them a foot in the door)- they are bidding for these internships at school auctions- the article itself looks into fairness- but that an issue that we will let the ethics people discuss.

Has the light gone on for all you fundraisers out there? Thinking of all the parents you can send those emails, or hard copies letters to? This is, once again, thinking outside the box, and that is what you can expect from We aren't just another static fundraising site. We are the Giving!

The link to the Wall Street Journal Article is:

Going to Vegas for eBay Live this - and I will be perusing the aisles of the exhibit hall and going to conferences to report back what is happening in the eBay world of online auctions.

BTW- We had our Cabrito House Fundraiser last nite- and the Chinese Auction did great. We were able to generate additional revenue for the Men's recovery home- that we never thought was possible.

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